Intellectual Property Law Practice Management (8294)

The management of an intellectual property law practice poses unique challenges, including avoidance of subject matter conflicts of interest, compliance with the duty of candor, maintenance of complex docketing systems and complicated prosecution deadlines, establishment of atypical billing structures, and management of constructive relations with both inventors and corporate counsel. This course will focus on the ways in which intellectual property law firms and in-house intellectual property law departments confront those issues, as well as how they generally manage financial, human, and information technology resources, in order to meet the needs of their intellectual property clients and provide excellence in legal service.

Grading: Pass/Fail, based on: (1) a 6-8 page analytical paper and presentation on one aspect of intellectual property law practice management; and (2) participation in class discussions

Prerequisite(s): Any one Intellectual Property course

Credits: 1 credit

Offered: Summer


Subject Areas:
Intellectual Property:: edit ::

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