Clinic - Criminal Appeals Clinic (8502)

Students prepare an appellate brief on behalf of a criminal defendant under the supervision of a state public defender. Emphasis is placed on the quality of legal research, writing, and argument. This is an advanced research and writing clinic. Students also participate in a mock appellate argument of the case before a three-judge panel. Arguments are videotaped and critiqued by the clinical instructors. Stringent time requirements for the filing of the brief as set by the appellate court must be met. Strict compliance with the clinical instructor's time schedule for the completion of drafts is required. The Advanced Research and Writing Requirement may be fulfilled in this course by the drafting of the brief.

Grading: Letter graded

Prerequisite(s): Criminal Procedure and Advocacy. Co-requisite: Professional Responsibility. Students may not register for this course if they work at the Attorney General’s Office. Students should contact the instructor prior to registration to discuss other potential employment conflicts.

Credits: 2

Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer

Meet Advanced Research and Writing Typically
Skills: Clinics and Externships

Subject Areas:
Clinics and Externships
Criminal Law
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Taught by: Sharon Jacks Cathryn Y. Middlebrook

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