Art, Cultural Heritage, and the Law (formerly Law and the Visual Arts) (8799)

Law and the Visual Arts considers the relationship between the visual arts and a range of international, foreign, and domestic legal documents. It covers such varied topics as the nature and purpose of art, plunder, looting, and reparations, the illicit international trade in art and antiquities, intellectual property and moral rights in art, first amendment issues, and the roles and obligations of collectors and museums. At the election of the instructor, the course may be offered as either a limited enrollment seminar or as a lecture course. The course will satisfy the long paper requirement if offered as a seminar.

Grading: Letter graded. Seminar: Long paper, presentations, class participation, and attendance. Lecture: final exam, short presentations; class participation, and attendance.

Prerequisite(s): Civil Procedure, Contracts, Property I, Property II, Torts I, Torts II, WRAP

Credits: 2

Offered: Fall


Subject Areas:
Intellectual Property:: edit ::

Taught by:

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