Small Business Practice: Skills Practicum (8900)

The Legal Practicum: Business Practice engages students in simulated learning experiences and exercises. Students practice law in two-person law firms under the supervision of faculty and tutors. The Legal Practicum: Business Practice course is designed to provide participants hands-on training representing a client in business matters through the start-up and ten-year life of a company. The ten-year lifecycle will unfold over three phases—each one a separate course—spanning two semesters. Phase I addresses start-up and initial capitalization of the new business (5 credits). Two Additional Phases are in development and will be offered at a later date—they are: Phase II (stabilization and growth; 3 credits) and Phase III (disposition of owner’s interest; 2 credits). Student attorneys resolve a number of business-related issues for the client, such as representation agreements, ethics, negotiating purchase agreements, contracts, business planning, employee plans, developing finance and tax plans, re-zoning, intellectual property and product liability. Students interview the client, negotiate with the client and others, investigate facts, draft documents and prepare research memos and briefs. Each week, the student law firms attend seminars on business related issues and continuing developments in representing business clients. Students must complete a 235-hour minimum requirement for Phase I. Limited enrollment.

This course satisfies the Advanced Research and Writing Requirement.

Grading: Letter graded.

Prerequisite(s): Required prereq is PR. Strongly recommended prereqs: at least two of the following: A-P-LLC, Corporations, Fundamentals of Business Finance, Business Law Clinic, Negotiating and Drafting Business Agreements, Construction Law, Employment Law Survey, Labor Law

Credits: 5

Offered: Fall/Spring

Meet Advanced Research and Writing Typically
Skills: Advanced Classes

Subject Areas:
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Taught by: Allison Gonzalez Kristen Larson John Sonsteng

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