General Practice: Skills Practicum (8905)

Engages students in simulated learning experiences and exercises. Students practice law in two-person law firms under the supervision of faculty and tutors.

Simulated cases, problems and clients are presented to each law firm during the semester, requiring the student attorneys to handle a significant variety of integrated substantive and procedural law involving the following areas: personal injury, professional responsibility, employment law, criminal law, employment/labor law, administrative law and real estate law.

Each two-person law firm is involved in proceedings including a jury trial, oral arguments, motion arguments, arbitration, negotiation, and in-chambers settlement conference.

Students interview clients, investigate facts, prepare pleadings and motions, draft documents, compose memos, and prepare research memos and briefs.

Students can take the course for either 3 or 5 credits. Only the 5 credit course satisfies the Advanced Research and Writing requirement.

Students who take the course for 3 credits must complete a 141-hour minimum requirement.

Students who take the course for 5 credits must complete a 235-hour minimum requirement.

Limited enrollment.

Grading: There are many oral and written exercises that will be assessed/graded including a full-day jury trial during the last week of class and many short briefs and memos plus procedural documents.

The assessments/grades for individual oral work, individual written work, and team/partnership written work will determine the final grade for the course.

ADVANCED RESEARCH AND WRITING REQUIREMENT: Only the 5 credit course satisfies the Advanced Research and Writing requirement.

WITHDRAWING FROM COURSE: Can withdraw from course up to one week before the semester begins.

Prerequisite(s): Prerequisite: Advocacy. Pre- or Co-Requisite: Evidence. Professional Responsibility

Credits: 3 or 5. Only the 5 credit course Satisfies the Advanced Research and Writing requirement.

Offered: Fall/Spring

Meet Advanced Research and Writing Typically
Skills: Simulated Courses

Subject Areas:
Family Law
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Taught by: Creig Andreasen Frederic K. Bruno Pat Burns Kellie Charles Melissa Fraser John Sonsteng

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