Transactions and Settlements (9014)

This skills course teaches negotiation, drafting, and advocacy in both the transactional and litigation contexts. The focus is on how lawyers represent clients in negotiating and drafting contracts and settlement agreements. The course also covers ethical issues arising in lawyering. Examples are drawn from a variety of contexts, including business, consumer rights, public affairs, intellectual property, real estate, and litigation, and applied through simulations, short case studies, exercises, and class discussion.

Grading: Letter-graded. Students are graded on performance in simulations (e.g., negotiation) and on written work (e.g., contract drafting). Students who do not demonstrate "proficiency" in a skill can redo the exercise or assignment to demonstrate proficiency.

Credits: 3-credits

Offered: Fall/Spring


Subject Areas:
Employment Law:: edit ::

Taught by: Leah Boomsma Scott Cody, Ph.D. Gregory Duhl Leanne Fuith Heather Gilbert Jim Hilbert Brian L. Vander Pol

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