Insurance Law - ONLINE COURSE (DWM4340)

Standard 2 credit Insurance Law coverage using a casebook dealing with the concept and history of insurance, insurance contract formation and interpretation, regulation of insurance, fire and property insurance, life health and disability insurance, liability insurance, liability insurance defense and settlement, and automobile insurance.

Instructional Methodology

The course will be taught entirely over the Internet using Blackboard software and without face-to-face meetings.

The course includes the following component parts:

  • Weekly reading assignments from the casebook
  • Augmented as appropriate by other assigned readings to be posted on Blackboard
  • Powerpoint slides (teaching notes) posted weekly accompanied by explanatory recorded lectures
  • A separate asynchronous discussion forum each week to serve as a discussion vehicle for any issue raised by a student or students and arising within the assigned reading for that week
  • Based on the reading assignments a weekly “Problem of the week” posted by the instructor as a discussion forum inviting asynchronous exchange
  • Periodic short problems and/or quizzes requiring the submission of individual answers by email (these will not meet the “long paper” requirement)

These component parts provide a number of different opportunities for formal and informal interaction between both students and the instructor and among the students themselves. Examples of formal interaction include Powerpoint slides (teaching notes) posted in advance on Blackboard and accompanied by explanatory recorded lectures, the “Problem of the week” discussion forum, the periodic short problems to be submitted individually, and the periodic short quizzes. Examples of informal interaction with the instructor as well as among the students include the weekly asynchronous discussion forum, the “Problem of the week” forum, and the email capabilities within Blackboard.

Equipment Requirements:

To be allowed to register for this course students will need to have regular access to a computer with:

  • Microsoft Powerpoint and Word
  • A sound card
  • Capability to access the William Mitchell Home Page and through that page the Blackboard software program.
  • Microsoft XP operating system may be required to access the recorded lectures attached to the Powerpoint slides. In case of difficulty, the lectures will be provided in CD format so as to be available with the Powerpoint slides.

The student will also need to have a student email account at William Mitchell.

Grading: Final "take home" exam

Prerequisite(s): None, but the course will be made available only as an upper division elective in accordance with the American Bar Association requirement.

Credits: 2

Offered: Irregularly


Subject Areas:
Product Liability and Personal Injury:: edit ::

Taught by: Lindsay M. Mancini

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